On behalf of all the members of the Pasteur International Network association (PINa), we are pleased to welcome you to our official website.

The Pasteur International Network association is the legal representation of the Institut Pasteur International Network (IPIN). The Association was founded on 2012 and is integrated by 33 members, located on 25 countries across 5 continents. Through the association, its members can initiate collaborations with each other as well as other international organisations and stakeholders around the world.

The website is the official source to know more about the Network’s governance and structural activities, notably its new regional organisation and compliance resources.

Here you can also find the association’s theoretical and hands-on courses as well as its scientific regional and global projects. For example, the REPAIR COVID19 project, a multisite collaborative research program of the Network in response to Coronavirus in Africa, or the Surveillance and Epidemiological Research project in Congo.

Finally, following the origins and tradition of the Institut Pasteur, the website will also be available in French  in the upcoming months. Do not hesitate to contact the association’s secretariat should you need further information about us or our activities.