Journal of projects

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Journal of Projects #4  – COVID-19 : the importance of peripherical actors

June 2022


  • SPOTLIGHT: The role of social sciences in the response to an epidemic: the example of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • ZOOM ON: the Health & Social Sciences team at Institut Pasteur de Madagascar.
  • CONVERSATION: Monitoring and early warning: Pasteur Center in Cameroon plays an active role in the response to the virus.
  • SPOTLIGHT: The importance of a decentralized diagnostic system: another example of successful implementation in Viet Nam.

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Previous editions

Journal of Projects #3
Covid-19 : hunting down the variants

October 2021

Journal of Projects #2 
Covid-19 : Understand its spread

May 2021


  • SPOTLIGHT: The Institut Pasteur de Guinée: a young institute in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis.
  • ZOOM ON: The study of immunity in infected and recovered COVID-19 patients in Guinea.
  • CONVERSATION: Diagnostics during outbreaks: the case of MediLabSecure.
  • SPOTLIGHT: A mobile laboratory enabling close surveillance of outbreaks.

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  • SPOTLIGHT: To better understand SARS-CoV-2 in Africa: REPAIR project.
  • ZOOM ON: ELISA test development at Institut Pasteur de Tunis.
  • STUDY: Low number of COVID-19 cases in Lao PTR: a seroprevalence study to confirm these figures.
  • SPOTLIGHT: Two COVID-19 referral centers in Senegal and Cambodia to support their region.

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Journal des Projets #1
Covid-19 : mobilisation du Réseau

January 2021

This edition is only available in French

  • DOSSIER: une solidarité sans précédent pour accompagner les instituts du Réseau International des Instituts Pasteur.
  • DOSSIER: la mobilisation de l’Institut Pasteur de Bangui dans la gestion de l’épidémie Covid-19.
  • ETUDE: surveillance des facteurs de risque Covid-19 chez les personnels de santé africains.
  • INTERVIEW: déploiement d’un laboratoire mobile en appui à l’Institut Pasteur de Madagascar.
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