1. What are the legal texts and instruments that currently define the Institut Pasteur International Network?

The Institut Pasteur International Network (hereafter the “Pasteur Network” or the “Network“), a unique model for cooperation in health, is composed of 33 members located in 25 countries and 4 regions (Europe-Mediterranean, Africa, Asia-Pacific and the Americas).

The Network currently operates on the basis of 2 legal instruments:

  • The collaboration agreement signed in March 2015, which notably incorporates adherence to the Charter of Pasteurian Values;
  • An association governed by French law (under the related law of 1901) called the Pasteur International Network founded in 2011 (hereafter the “Association“).

The members of the Network are also tied to the Institut Pasteur either by a founding agreement signed by the Institut Pasteur, the member’s country of operations or another partner institution, or by a cooperation agreement with these parties that may also involve other entities (e.g., local authorities of the member’s country). These agreements specifically define the nature and practical details of the relationship between the Institut Pasteur and each member.

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