10. Who are the founder members of the Sheltered Foundation?

The founding agreement of the Sheltered Foundation has been concluded by 2 parties: the umbrella foundation (Institut Pasteur) and the Sheltered Foundation (its founder members, i.e. members of the Network and the Association).

It has been specified that the Sheltered Foundation is to be composed of members of both the Network and also the Association, in order to ensure effective interaction between both structures which missions are complementary.

A founder member may be any natural person or entity (with or without a legal personality) making a contribution to the initial fund of the foundation and duly joining the Association and adhering to its values. Accordingly, the Institut Pasteur, the Pasteur Network association and the 32 members of the Network (in addition to the Institut Pasteur) as of the signing date of the agreement will be founder members of the Sheltered Foundation.

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