12. How does the Sheltered Foundation of the Institut Pasteur reflect a more structured economic model?

In order to meet its objective of enhancing the capacities and infrastructure of the Network, the Sheltered Fondation will strive to increase the funding available to the Pasteur Network.

To this end, the Sheltered Foundation may:

  • Examine the possibility of establishing the Network’s own fund/dedicated funds and benefit from the management and financial administration of the umbrella fund, notably with the possibility of increasing such funds in order to conduct its operational activities emanating from its stated object for the Network.
  • Secure the commitment of the Institut Pasteur and enhance its financing in order to develop the Pasteur Network via:
    1. A seed fund of 5 million euros;
    2. Offering its services to the Network in a more fluid and transparent manner, while complying with the terms of the relations between the umbrella foundation and Sheltered Foundation as set out in its internal rules and in the agreement;
    3. Exploit the reputation of the Institut Pasteur vis-à-vis donors while providing a secure base for fund management.
  • Call on public generosity and/or international and governmental agencies in a targeted manner for the international activities of the Institut Pasteur.

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