16. What is the legal personality of the Sheltered Foundation under the aegis of the Institut Pasteur?

A sheltered foundation does not have a legal personality. It is legally under the authority of its umbrella foundation, has its own governance and resources but, as only the umbrella foundation has a legal personality, it alone acts on behalf of the sheltered foundation in legal terms (by way of decisions taken by the Management Committee or executive committee). The relationship between the umbrella foundation and sheltered foundation is contractual. The contract or agreement specifies the articles of association of the latter and governs the relations, with the umbrella foundation, notably those of a financial nature. To this end, the umbrella foundation (Institut Pasteur), as it alone has legal personality, takes all action on behalf of the Sheltered Foundation by specifying in all documents “acting on behalf of the Pasteur Network Foundation, a sheltered foundation under the aegis of the Institut Pasteur”.

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