20. Can a new institute wishing to join the Association be accepted by the Management Committee but be rejected by the Institut Pasteur? Conversely, can the Institut Pasteur create a new Institut Pasteur against or without the approval of the Management Committee?

Under Article 6.2 of the Association’s articles of association, the membership process must comply with the terms set out in the Association’s articles of association and those of the Sheltered Foundation (as both are related), with those of the Sheltered Foundation requiring a membership application to be submitted by an institution to the President of the Foundation (who is Director General of the Institut Pasteur, as of right), who must present the application to the Management Committee of the Sheltered Foundation. The Management Committee decides on the application although if the institution, for ethical, moral, budgetary, statutory or other reasons, does not meet the conditions set out in the articles of association of the umbrella foundation, it is legally prevented from becoming a member of the Sheltered Foundation.

The creation of new structures by the Institut Pasteur is independent of the Sheltered Foundation and the Association, which only enjoy a right of information concerning the acceptance of any such new structures within the Network in accordance with their respective articles of association (membership terms of the Sheltered Foundation and of the Association).

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