6. What role will be played by the renewed Association?

The main objectives of the Association are to:

  • Represent the Pasteur Network vis-à-vis third parties, notably international organisations and any other entities committed to health research;
  • Facilitate the creation, fundraising and scientific coordination in the field of scientific projects and initiatives involving the participation of multiple Association members, with the possible collaboration of other partners working in the same fields;
  • Provide any required administrative and financial management of such projects and initiatives.

The Association will perform the following activities in pursuit of its objectives:

  • Monitoring of international funding opportunities for research in the fields of global health for the benefit of Association members;
  • Support for Association members in the context of international calls for funding of projects;
  • Submissions to international, European and national calls for funding of projects;
  • Propose coordinated multi-party initiatives to be implemented by its members;
  • Adopt and implement a scientific strategy based on the recommendations of the Pasteur Network Scientific Strategy Committee (COS-RIIP). The composition and operating rules of which are defined in the Association’s rules of procedure;
  • Continue the organisation, regional and inter-regional coordination of the Pasteur Network and, more generally, promote all activities able to consolidate the links between the members of the Association;
  • Develop and coordinate the implementation of international educational programmes, trainings and research project through Research;
  • In accordance with the needs of Network members, design and seek funding for research application development initiatives;
  • Develop institutional partnerships at the regional level;
  • Manage the Association’s communications activities and promotion of the Network.

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