7. How does the composition of the General Meeting and Board of the Association reflect a more balanced and more participative governance?

The President of the Board, also President of the Association, is appointed by qualified two-thirds majority by the members of the Board  from the elected members of each region, for a term of office of two years, renewable once and in accordance with the principle of geographical rotation.

Previously, this office and that of Association’s Treasurer could only be held by the President of the Institut Pasteur who will now only hold the post of Vice-President of the Association. The Institut Pasteur also previously had multiple representatives on the Board as of right. Now there is only one – the other members are all elected.

In order to give greater strength to the regions, 2 representatives will now be elected, bringing their number up to 8 including the President (against 5 previously).

The Board of Directors is composed as follows:

  1. Director as of right:
    -the Institut Pasteur, represented by its President, as of right Vice-President of the Association;
  2.  Elected directors:
    -8 directors, active members, designated by the Association General Meeting (2 directors per geographical region). In this regard, the Institut Pasteur may be elected for any of the establishments or entities under its control, represented by the authorised representative of said establishment or entity;
  3. Co-opted directors:
    -Two or three qualified external members , co-opted by the other members of the Board of Directors

Members of the General Meeting (also known as General Assembly) of the Association

The members of the General Meeting are all the “actives” and “associate” members of the Association who are up to date with their annual fees. Associate members are invited to attend General Meeting in a non-voting capacity.

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