Screening Platform: Compounds, Functional Genomics, and Therapeutics

The Screening Discovery Platform (SDP) provides expertise in the drug discovery pipeline for assay development and high-throughput screening. We have automated Screening Platforms in BSL2+ (Opera Phenix Plus, Operetta CLS, Ensight, Envision) / BSL3 (Operetta CLS, Nivo) to support research activities.

All types of assay models (phenotypic, target, 3D) can be run against our libraries for drug repositioning, new chemical entities, target ID, and MOA assessment.

  • Validating and formatting assays to 96/384/1536 well format to perform screening activities
  • Chemical library collection of 400K compounds identified as potential starting points for the development of novel therapeutics
  • Genomic platforms (siRNA and shRNA technology) to identify new targets and signaling pathways as well as uncover mechanism of actions
  • Advanced liquid handlers to support any workflow processes including Echo Acoustic Dispenser, Biomek, and Janus.

Development areas: High Throughput Screening, High Content Screening, Small Molecule, Drugs, Functional Genomics, Target ID & MOA, Ai-driven analysis.