Pasteur Network - The Foundation

The Pasteur Network Foundation has been established to help develop a more efficient and structured business model.

Sheltered at the Institut Pasteur, the Foundation will contribute to the development of the Pasteur Network through capacity-building and infrastructure-strengthening activities. Its role is to consolidate and increase financial resources starting with a seed fund from the Institut Pasteur in Paris.

The Foundation will also take the lead on the major international programs currently supported by the Institut Pasteur, which are intended to strengthen the capacities and infrastructure of its founders and partners. It also manages funds that encourage international mobility (the Calmette & Yersin program and Four-Year Research Groups – G4s) and cooperation within the Pasteur Network (Pasteur International Joint Research Unit – PIU).


The President of the Foundation, by legal right, is the President of the Institut Pasteur.
The President cannot be revoked and the President also chairs the Executive Committee.

  • Yasmine Belkaid, President of the Institut Pasteur in Paris.


The Vice-President, by legal right shall be the President of the association Pasteur Network.

  • Amadou SALL, Institut Pasteur de Dakar.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Sheltered Foundation has ten (10) members broken down as follows:

The Chair of the Bureau, as of right the Director General of the Institut Pasteur:

  • Yasmine BELKAID

One Vice-Chair, as of right the President of the Association:

  • Amadou SALL

As of right, a representative of the Institut Pasteur, appointed by the Bureau of its Board of Directors.

  • François ROMANEIX, Institut Pasteur.

Two designated representatives per geographical region, excluding the region of the President of the Association, namely seven (7) representatives:


  • Noel TORDO, Director of the Institut Pasteur de Guinée.


  • Carlos BATTHYANY, Director of the Institut Pasteur de Montevideo.
  • Mario MOREIRA, Director of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (FIOCRUZ).


  • Leo POON, Co-Director of the University of Hong Kong -Pasteur Research Pole.
  • Philippe BUCHY, Institut Pasteur du Laos.


  • Christian LEONARD, Director General of Sciensano.
  • Abderrahmane MAAROUFI, Director of the Institut Pasteur du Maroc.

Management Committee

The Management Committee is composed of Pasteur Network directors and founders of the Sheltered Foundation.

With the exception of the two members as of right and the Vice-Chair, the members of the Executive Committee are appointed for two years. They may be renewed for one further term and may be removed with just cause by a two-thirds majority of the Executive Committee; any member subject to proposed removal may not take part in the vote.

Strategy Committee of the main patrons and contributors

A Strategy Committee may be created by the Executive Committee. It shall be composed of the main patrons and contributors. It advises the Executive Committee through its opinions and recommendations.

History of the Institut Pasteur

For a historical account of the Institut Pasteur and Louis Pasteur, visit the Institut Pasteur dedicated web page.


Executive Director
The President of the Sheltered Foundation appoints an Executive Director on the advice of the Executive Committee. The Director will be selected soon.

As the Sheltered Foundation does not have a legal personality, it cannot have any employees. Any personnel dedicated to the Sheltered Foundation will be assigned or recruited by the founders or seconded by the umbrella foundation and be charged to the Sheltered Foundation at actual cost.