Pasteur Network Scientific Technological Platforms

This catalogue allows you to know more about the Network scientific platforms. For this catalogue, we consider a scientific technical platform any entity (center, unit or laboratory, with personnel and infrastructure) pertaining to Pasteur Network members committed to providing services and access to external scientific users.

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Animal Resources
Resources and animal housing facilities
Bio-Engineering & Technology Development
Customized technologies, including the creation of novel devices, harnessesing cutting-edge techniques like nanotechnology, 3D modeling, and state-of-the-art manufacturing methods such as 3D printing
Biological Resources (Human & Microbial)
Biobanks of plants, animals, and other natural elements
Chemical and Biological Analysis
Pollutant and contaminants analysis and clinical analysis
Flow Cytometry
Laser technology machinery analyzing single cells or particles
Genomics & Transcriptomics - Sequencing & Analysis
Support methods such as real-time PCR and SANGER sequencing. All members have RT-PCR technology.
Macromolecular Science
X-ray crystallography, in solution biophysics, NMR, Recombinant Protein Production and Engineering, and Computational Structural Bioinformatics
Medium-High Throughput, Low or High Content Screening
For researchers seeking to apply their target- or cell-based assays (infectious, cytotoxicity assays, etc.) to drug screening across different scales, medium or high-throughput screening (M/HTS), it offers a comprehensive solution. If your objective is to conduct an unbiased phenotypic analysis, we highly recommend a platform equipped with automated microscopes for High-Content Screening (HCS)
Calibration equipment and instruments
Multi-scale Bioimaging
Optical and eletron microscopies
Proteomics & Metabolomics - Mass spectrometry
Single-cell and Spatial Analysis
Single cell analysis inclunding spation transcriptomics and proteomics
Technology Development
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