International Mobility

Through access to international mobility, the women and men of the Network’s scientific community have the opportunity to understand and analyse issues presented in different locations worldwide, as well as to ensure their long-term commitment to serving populations.

A commitment for mobility and scientific exchange
International mobility is a great advantage from the Pasteur Network. Through its different international mobility programmes, the Network proposes opportunities for students, technicians and researchers to reinforce their skills and share knowledge and expertise with colleagues around the world.

International cooperation and mobility programmes
  • 4-year Research Groups “G4”
    By giving funds and a dynamic environment within the Pasteur Network, the G4 gives the opportunity to a young researcher to develop their own project with a competitive team. Visit the G4 dedicated webpage for more information.
  • Pasteur International Joint Research Unit « PIU »
    A Pasteur International Joint Research Unit (PIU) is a “Virtual Unit” bringing together up to three research teams whereof at least one belongs to the Institut Pasteur or their affiliated institutes – Institut Pasteur de la Guadeloupe, Institut Pasteur de la Guyane and/or the Institut Pasteur in New Caledonia – and an international research institute or university. One objective of this programme is to reinforce collaborations amongst teams on innovative research topics in addition to improve their visibility and, consequently, the possibilities to apply for substantial grants for further joint research projects. All details are available at the PIU webpage.