Pasteur Network is a worldwide network of 33 members, united by Pasteurian values, which contribute to the improvement of global health.

<p>Pasteur Network Database:<br />
Discover our members and<br />
our people</p>

Pasteur Network Database:
Discover our members and
our people

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<p>MoU<br />
The Rockefeller Foundation’s<br />
Pandemic Prevention Institute and<br />
 the Pasteur Network</p>

The Rockefeller Foundation’s
Pandemic Prevention Institute and
the Pasteur Network

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<p>Rebecca Grais:<br />
Pasteur Network new<br />
Executive Director</p>

Rebecca Grais:
Pasteur Network new
Executive Director

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<p>Pasteur Network renewed as a<br />
“Non-State Actor”<br />
in Official Relations with the WHO</p>

Pasteur Network renewed as a
“Non-State Actor”
in Official Relations with the WHO

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Located in 25 countries across 5 continents, the Pasteur Network brings together 33 members, united by shared Pasteurian values and missions for the scientific development in the benefit of populations.

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