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Public Health

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National and international technical expertise

National and international technical expertise

Nationally, - Ad-hoc secretariat member of the National Programme of Fight against emerging and re-emerging zoonoses (Dr Texier). ; - Weekly meeting of the Epidemiological Monitoring of Cameroon - Directorate for fight against diseases (DLM) - (Dr. Tchendjou, Dr Texier); - Member of the Task Force for Mother Child Transmission Prevention programs for HIV / AIDS (PMTCT) and pediatric AIDS Support (PECP) (Dr Tchendjou); - Member of the National Expert Committee for Monitoring Adverse events fo

WHO Collaborating Centers

- The National Reference Center for influenza WHO, member of the Global Influenza Surveillance Network of WHO; - The WHO regional center of excellence for surveillance of foodborne infections for Francophone Africa;

National Reference Laboratories recognized by WHO

- The national reference laboratory for WHO measles and yellow fever; - National Reference Laboratory of the National Programme against Tuberculosis; - National Reference Laboratory of the National Program against Buruli ulcer;

Regional Reference Laboratory

- The WHO Regional Reference Laboratory for surveillance and response to avian influenza. - The WHO intercountry laboratory for polio; -The WHO reference laboratory in bacteriology for Central Africa: biological monitoring of cholera biological monitoring of meningococcal meningitis monitoring of gonococcal resistance to antibiotics

International vaccination centers

International vaccination centers

Centre Pasteur du Cameroun is international vaccination center

Number of vaccinations per year

22,046 vaccine doses administered

Rabies treatment

1731 Consultations rabies
Director: Mirdad KAZANJI
Scientific Director: Sara EYANGOH
Year of establishment: 1959
Type: Public Institution
Global staff: 180
Support staff: 180
Address: BP1274 Yaoundé, 451, Rue 2005, Yaoundé, CAMEROON
Phone: 00 237 222 23 10 15
Email: cpc@pasteur-yaounde.org
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