Firstly, it is proposed to create a sheltered foundation under the aegis of the Institut Pasteur in order to meet the first objective of defining a more effective and structured economic model designed to enhance the capacities of the Pasteur Network .

Secondly, it is also proposed to keep the Association and its current status of an association governed under French law while modifying its articles in order to meet the second objective of establishing a more balanced and participative governance of the Network.


The new form of governance will come into effect after:

The Institut Pasteur International Network (hereafter the “Pasteur Network” or the “Network“), a unique model for cooperation in health, is composed of 33 members located in 25 countries and 4 regions (Europe-Mediterranean, Africa, Asia-Pacific and the Americas).

The Network currently operates on the basis of 2 legal instruments:

The members of the Network are also tied to the Institut Pasteur either by a founding agreement signed by the Institut Pasteur, the member’s country of operations or another partner institution, or by a cooperation agreement with these parties that may also involve other entities (e.g., local authorities of the member’s country). These agreements specifically define the nature and practical details of the relationship between the Institut Pasteur and each member.

In November 2018, the members of the Network met in Paris during the Institut Pasteur International Network Symposium.

Members discussed the operational issues preventing the implementation of a shared strategy and stressed the need for additional resources in order to be able to better respond to global health issues and establish transversal research programmes with greater impact. They wanted a greater and/or more visible contribution from the Institut Pasteur on behalf of the Network (sheltered foundation), in addition to a more balanced form  of governance (revision of the Association’s articles of association).

In its 2019-2023 Strategic Plan, the Institut Pasteur has committed to making proposals designed to ensure that the governance of the Network is “more balanced and participative” with “a more structured economic model”, leading to a fundamental rethink of the “evolution of the status of the Pasteur International Network association such that it is able to meet its objectives”.

A scientific strategy has been jointly developed and approved by the Board of Directors during a meeting held at the Centre Pasteur in Cameroon on 12 November 2019.

In November 2019, during its General Meeting, the Association “unanimously encouraged the International Affairs Department of the Institut Pasteur to take action to develop the structure of the representative body of the Institut Pasteur International Network, while keeping members regularly informed” (Eighth Resolution). On 9 July 2020, the Institut Pasteur therefore presented to the Board  of the Association a proposal to implement such action.

On 19 October 2020, a note was circulated by the Association to Network members proposing the format of a new form of governance. The members validated the draft proposal of changes (hereafter referred to as the “new form of governance”) at the General Meeting of the Association held on 20 November 2020.