Central Biobank Platform Sciensano

The Central Biobank Platform provides support to the different biobank modules of Sciensano. These Sciensano Biobank modules are available for internal as well as external scientists who want to do research involving human body material and require a biobanking facility. Samples can be registered, processed, stored and made available for scientific research, according to the applicable ethical and legal framework for biobanks. As a Central Biobank Platform, we can offer advice and operational support to these scientific projects in terms of biobanking activities. Requests for re-use of samples stored in the Sciensano Biobank will be evaluated based on the proposed research project. Samples will only be made available for proposed research projects of external researchers after approval of the medical manager of the involved Sciensano Biobank module and the Sciensano unit / department that was in charge of the primary study (i.e. the study collecting and using the samples for the first time).