Bioassays and Drug Screening Platform

Fiocruz’s Network Technological Platforms

The platform has high-performance equipment that allows to carry out screening automatically on a large number of samples. It has the potential to support projects for the development of vaccines, medicines, bioinsecticides and diagnostic supplies. Furthermore, it requires human resources with excellent technical training to operate them and serve institutional and external users. The following equipment is available: ImageXpress Micro Confocal, automated microscope in microplate format for high-content analysis in bright-field, wide-field and confocal fluorescence; Microplates readers with integrated pipettor for readings of absorbance (UV/Vis), fluorescence, time-resolved fluorescence and luminescence (FlexStation III, Molecular Devices and Varioskan FL, Thermo), ITC200 / GE Health Care Isothermal Titration Calorimetry for thermodynamic characterization of biomolecular interactions; Monolith NT.115 (Nanotemper) MST system for KD determination; Liquid pipetting station (Starlet / Hamilton). It also has other equipment, such as a biological safety cabinet, greenhouses, centrifuge, micropipettes, etc.

This platform is located in FIOCRUZ – Rio de Janeiro (IOC).