Microscopy Platform

Fiocruz’s Network Technological Platforms.
The Electronic Microscopy Service (SME) is dedicated to supporting studies in different lines of research, both diagnostic and experimental, in infectious-parasitic, chronic and neoplastic diseases, characterization of pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, protozoa and helminths and their interaction with the host , in the development of vaccines, in the identification of chemotherapy targets and diagnostic tools. Other institutions have also been working on our platform in different areas such as biotechnology, biocomposites and nanomaterials.

The SME provides services, whether as a platform or a service, for the processing, observation and analysis of samples in transmission electron microscopes (MET) and scanning electron microscopes (SEM) and the use of equipment, for observation of different types of samples, in optical microscopy and confocal. Recently, a slide scanner was incorporated, which also received three other multi-user equipment: the laser microdissection device.

This platform is located in FIOCRUZ – Bahia.