Platform for Anti-Malaria and Anti-Leishmania drug screening Bioassays

Fiocruz’s Network Technological Platforms
In vitro antiparasitic tests of natural compounds/extracts against promastigote forms of Leishmania spp. and asexual forms of Plasmodium falciparum W2. Cytotoxicity testing is also offered with cells of the J774 lineage (murine macrophages) and HepG2 (derived from a human hepatoma). All of these techniques are based on the use of fluorescence or absorbance detectors in plates of 96 or more wells, allowing the acquisition, automated analysis and determination of growth inhibition for 50% of the parasite population (IC50) and determination of the cytotoxic concentration for 50 % of cells (CC50), after treatment of each concentration of tested compounds.

This platform is located in FIOCRUZ – Rondônia.