NGS sequencing on Miseq, bioinformatic analysis.

PCRs, Sanger sequencing / NGS sequencing on Miseq, Ion Torrent S5 and Naopore.

The Biomics Core Facility is the C2RT structure at Institut Pasteur for Next Generation Sequencing and includes both short and long-read technologies.

The Biomics Platform mission is to facilitate scientific discovery within Pasteur Institute’s network and academic research institutes. Biomics accepts both service and collaborative projects and works closely with the C3BI and DSI to provide data analysis solutions and data storage for researchers. Please contact us for pricing and turnaround times. Our website,, allows you to:

Here are some examples of what we propose (Procaryotes, Eukaryotes and Viruses):

  1. Technology: Short-Reads (Illumina), Long-Reads (PacBio & Nanopore)
  2. DNA-Seq: Sequencing de novo and targeted
  3. RNA-Seq: Transcriptomic Analysis
  4. Metagenomic: Targeted sequencing studies (16S, 18S, ITS) or random (Shotgun)
  5. Genotyping (autonomous access)
  6. Bioinformatics: NGS data analysis (RNA-Seq, Variant, Assembly, others…)

Biomics and its staff of experts work hard for the successful and timely processing of all samples and requests.

The Molecular Biology Platform is dedicated to the study of emerging pathogens using molecular technologies for the diagnosis, genotyping and genomics of pathogenic microorganisms of public health importance.

Sequencing capacity using both ONT and Illmina (Iseq 100). 1

Wide range of molecular systems ranging from realtime to conventional PCR machines. Experienced in the diagnostic of infectious pathogenes including bacteria, virus and parasites.

Molecular biology equipment, genomics/sequencing equipment.

Third generation ONT Sequencer.

MinIon – Genomic Surveillance Platform

Pathogens characterization: Sars-CoV-2, Rift and Mpox.

An Illumina’s Iseq100 will be available soon.

Certified ISO 9001
To facilitate and accelerate the scientific discovery for research, clinicians teams. IPT’OMICS works for public and private teams.
Extraction and purification of nucleic acids
Qiacube, Qiagen and QIAxpert System
Concentrator DNA Eppendorf

Quality control of nucleic acids
Qubit 4 Fluorometer, Invitrogen, Bioanalyzer 2100 and Agilent Technologies
Gel electrophoresis
QIAxcel Advanced System and Qiagen

Genome analysis
3500 Series Genetic Analyzers, Applied Biosystems, SureCycler 8800 and Agilent Technologies

Ngs sequencing
ISeq 100-Illumina, Illumina, Bioruptor Sonication System, Diagenode and Oxford Nanopore technologies.

Transcriptome analysis
The LightCycler® 480 System, iScan System and Illumina mini-Ntensfy platform Quantoom-Biosciences.

Fiocruz’s Network Technological Platforms.

Fiocruz Rondônia’s Real Time PCR Platform has high-performance equipment and offers the entire scientific community the possibility of carrying out qualitative and/or quantitative reactions, in addition to evaluating gene expression. The platform also offers guidance on handling equipment and interpreting results with the aim of training qualified labor in the region.

Models: Sistema de PCR em Tempo Real 7500/Marca: Applied Biosystems™ and Sistema de PCR em Tempo Real QuantStudio™ 3/Marca: Applied Biosystems™

This platform is located in FIOCRUZ – Rondônia.

Fiocruz’s Network Technological Platforms.

The Seq Studio Genetic Analyzer capillary sequencer can sequence fragments of up to 800bp. The capillary sequencing platform offers the ready plate reading service, where the user sends their already sequenced and purified samples only for reading on the equipment (capillary electrophoresis), and also the complete sequencing reaction service, where the user sends only the primers and their purified samples and the platform performs the entire sequencing and reading reaction on the equipment.

This platform is located in FIOCRUZ – Rondônia.