The Bioinformatics and Applied Genomics develops molecular, genomics and bioinformatics applications relevant to sequencing technologies of all generations, but also develops software and pipelines for the analysis of large-scale datasets (big-data). Serving as a Core Facility, BiGen supports all research groups within HPI providing sequencing services, including the design and the execution of wet-lab assay preparation, the sequencing analysis and the downstream bioinformatics. Equipped with high-end sequencers and state of the art robotics, BiGen Unit also provides public services, both in academia and the pharmaceutical industry.

Recent breakthroughs in single-cell omics technologies have made it possible to transpose the large-scale studies down to single cell level and to investigate the genome, epigenome, transcriptome, proteome, metabolome, and their inherent interactions with single-cell resolution. Single cell support at C2RT core facilities. The Center for Technological Research and Resources (C2RT) of the Institut Pasteur proposes numerous resources for single cell analysis, open to the entire academic and clinical research community.