X-ray crystallography is the most widely used technique to reveal the 3D structure of biological macromolecules at atomic resolution. These structures are essential to understand the molecular details of protein function, protein-protein interactions and overall mechanistic reactions.
The crystallography core facility provides research groups working in the field of macromolecular crystallography with the expertise and technology required for high-throughput crystallization screening, X-ray diffraction measurements, and crystallographic computing.
We offer expertise in crystallography, from the crystallization of selected protein targets to the resolution of crystal structures of biological macromolecules. We ensure this mission by participating as a partner in scientific research projects collaborations involving studies of single proteins and protein complexes.
Protein samples submitted to our facility are subjected to high-throughput crystallization for X-ray studies, and depending on the size of the macromolecule, an aliquot of the sample can be used to prepare cryo-EM grids for imaging at the Institut Pasteur Nanoimaging facility. For X-ray data collection, the core facility is a member of the Block Allocation Group (BAG) of Institut Pasteur for regular access to synchrotrons ESRF (Grenoble) and SOLEIL (St Aubin).