The Centre de Ressources Biologiques de l’Institut Pasteur, CRBIP, was created in 2001 as a transversal biobank infrastructure that includes microbial and human specimen collections of Institut Pasteur. The CRBIP receives, maintains, characterizes and supplies biological resources globally, in compliance with health and environmental safety standards and under applicable laws and regulations.
The Centre include 4 specific platforms:
-Collection of the Institut Pasteur (CIP)
-ICAReB-biobank : Integrated Collections for Adaptive Research in Biomedicine
-Collection Pasteur Culture of Cyanobacteria (PCC)
-National Collection of Cultures of Microorganisms

Access to  biological resources distribution and deposits is only on remote basis:
-CRBIP catalogue of Microbial resources: Contacts: (bacterial strains); (cyanobacterial strains); (viral strains); (fungal strains)
-Human biological resources:
-Microbial strain and cell line deposits under the Budapest Treaty:


Current Prices (all prices are under revision)

These rates refer to 2023, please contact the team for a quote. Microbial resources:

-Bacteria and yeasts BSL1/2: 80 EUR

-Bacteria BSL3: 150 EUR -Strict anaerobic bacteria/Filamentous fungi: 100 EUR

-Cyanobacteria: 223 EUR

Human biological resources distribution: contact

Microbial strains public deposits: free of charge

Microbial strain and cell line deposits under the Budapest Treaty (30 years deposits)

-Bacteria, Bacteriophages, Filamentous fungi, Yeasts: 701,27 EUR

-Virus propagated on cell lines: 1086,96 EUR

-Cell lines: 1448,27 EUR Services Microbial

-Preservation by freeze-drying: 162,60 EUR/strain

-Bacteria identification by MALDI-TOF MS: 74,50 EUR/strain

-Whole Genome Sequencing (Illumina) and taxonomic species classification: 391,40 EUR/strain

-Taxonomic species classification by MALDI-TOF MS + WGS: 460,50 EUR

-Bacterial genomic data assembly and analyses: 159,70 EUR/strain

-Sequence-based comparative genotyping: 319,40 EUR/strain

-Curation of data in existing cgMLST databases: 39,30 EUR

-Search of sequences of concern and genomic contextualization: 838,30 EUR

-Creation and/or curation of private genomic databases: inquire Human: see table below.