Through its experience in the maintenance of Anophele kisumu reference strains : Ability to monitor changes over time in residual efficacy and insecticide content of LLINs, and to compare the durability of different types of LLIN distributed to the population.

Technical platform for in vitro monitoring of P. falciparum susceptibility to antimalarial drugs

– Support the Niger Ministry of Public Health (MSP) and act in accordance with the priorities and objectives defined by the National Malaria Control Program (PNLP).
– Monitor the chemoresistance of P. falciparum to antimalarial drugs, and participate in the training of health personnel involved in this activity.
– Assist the PNLP in defining rules for the management of uncomplicated malaria attacks, while avoiding the emergence and spread of new resistances.
– Draw up a global map of chemoresistance in Niger, using in vitro and molecular tests coupled with clinical studies.