The Biomics Core Facility is the C2RT structure at Institut Pasteur for Next Generation Sequencing and includes both short and long-read technologies.

The Biomics Platform mission is to facilitate scientific discovery within Pasteur Institute’s network and academic research institutes. Biomics accepts both service and collaborative projects and works closely with the C3BI and DSI to provide data analysis solutions and data storage for researchers. Please contact us for pricing and turnaround times. Our website,, allows you to:

Here are some examples of what we propose (Procaryotes, Eukaryotes and Viruses):

  1. Technology: Short-Reads (Illumina), Long-Reads (PacBio & Nanopore)
  2. DNA-Seq: Sequencing de novo and targeted
  3. RNA-Seq: Transcriptomic Analysis
  4. Metagenomic: Targeted sequencing studies (16S, 18S, ITS) or random (Shotgun)
  5. Genotyping (autonomous access)
  6. Bioinformatics: NGS data analysis (RNA-Seq, Variant, Assembly, others…)

Biomics and its staff of experts work hard for the successful and timely processing of all samples and requests.