Go@L is the genomic plateforme of the UAR (Unité d’Appui et de Recherche) PLBS (Plateformes Lilloises en Biologie & Santé) UMS2014 US41. This plateforme is composed of 2 laboratories, one team (GFS) at the CHRU and one team (TAG) at the Institute Pasteur de Lille. The plateforme is specialized in genomic and transcriptomic based on the use and development of molecular biology applications using high throughput sequencing technologies.
Our main applications are :
– Genomic : WGS, WES, amplicon-seq, Tn-seq, CGH-arrays.
– Transcriptomic : RNA-seq, sRNA-seq, bacterial RNA-seq, NGS-RACE, RNA-seq full-length, DGE, single-cell RNA-seq, spatial transcriptomic.
– Metagenomic : targeted bacterial 16S metagenomic