Fiocruz’s Network Technological Platforms.
The services offered by the ELISPOT platform were designed to meet the specific needs of researchers conducting ELISPOT technique and/or analyses. The platform uses a CTL ImmunoSpot S6 ultra reader and provides a wide range of essential services for the effective and accurate execution of the user research. There are four available services: 1) Image and Data Acquisition with Operator Assistance: For those who require direct assistance in obtaining images and data from their ELISPOT plates, we provide image and data acquisition services with an experienced operator present. This ensures that images are captured with high quality, and data is accurately recorded; 2) Image and Data Acquisition without an Operator: For experienced and trained users, we offer the option to independently acquire images and data from ELISPOT plates without the need for an operator on-site; 3) Experimental Planning Consultancy: personalized consultancy for experimental planning. Based on the user specific research and objectives, we assist in defining the best analysis strategies, including gating settings, to ensure that your results are reliable and relevant; 4) ELISPOT Technique Training and Results Analysis: Training in the ELISPOT technique, providing both fundamental knowledge and practical skills so the user can proficiently conduct his own experiment.

This platform is located in FIOCRUZ – Rio de Janeiro (IOC).