We are a transversal unit developing and implementing molecular biology and bioinformatics applications to perform both routine analyses, and scientific and technological research. As a centre of excellence and expertise in applied genomics, we drive and inspire innovation through our transversal research, development and associated routine services, to facilitate the integration of genomics into public health for the benefit of the society. By setting up internal and external partnerships, we generate new knowledge and tools tailored to face and anticipate the current and future challenges affecting human and animal health. This includes activities in the domain of molecular detection, identification and characterisation of micro-organisms (AMR, bacteria, viruses, and fungi) (genomics, metagenomics), biotech plants and human nucleic acid (genetic, epigenetic) and microbiome-based biomarkers using high-tech equipment (e.g. real time PCR, digital droplet PCR, Sanger and NGS sequencers (Illumina and Nanopore).”