This laboratory developes management and technical field skills, complying with the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 for calibration laboratory accreditation, received in 2022. Its result of calibrations are recognized worldwide.

The Laboratory has four scopes: pipette type A, weighing balance, Mass and temperature mapping.

The Sequencing Platform is intended to strengthen research activities and public health response related to genomic sequencing within the institute and regional collaborators.

It has a crosscutting role that supports the research units and testing laboratories of IPC with various materials, including documents such as standard operating procedures (SOPs), and software to monitor the samples

This platform allows researchers to investigate complex pathogen–host interactions at single-cell level directly on site in a low/middle income country. The availability of this equipment and of patient cohorts in the same location allows us to advance our basic research on infectious diseases in Cambodia, which is of major importance.