Centre Pasteur in Cameroon

The Centre Pasteur in Cameroon (CPC) is a technical establishment of the Cameroonian Ministry of Public Health; endowed with financial autonomy and legal personality. The CPC was created in 1959 in Yaoundé and counts today with two additional establishments: in Garoua (CPC-AG) created in 1985, and an office in Douala since 2004.

The CPC contributes to the fight against infectious diseases and promoting health through the diagnosis, prevention, monitoring of endemic and epidemic diseases, scientific research and training of academic students and health personnel.

This mission is available in 3 strategic areas:

  • Provide medical biology as well as hygiene and environmental services at the lowest possible prices, following the CPC slogan “Excellence in biology accessible to all”.
  • Contribute to the fight against infectious diseases in Cameroon as National Reference Laboratory for 23 infections, and in Africa as WHO reference laboratory for several pathologies.
  • Perform research on the most important infections in Cameroon (HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, vector-borne infections, emerging diseases, etc.), at an international level.

For more information, visit the Centre Pasteur in Cameroon official website.