Institut Pasteur de Bangui

The Institut Pasteur de Bangui (IPB) is a research non-profit foundation. The IPB has an agreement with the government of the Central African Republic and is an advisory establishment under the supervision of the Ministry of Health and Population.

Since 1961, the IPB’s foundation, its activities have focused on 4 axes: services to the population – medical biology, vaccination and anti-rabies treatment, research, public health and training. The research projects and the activities of the reference laboratories mainly concern the major public health problems of emerging diseases such as rabies, polio, measles, tuberculosis, malaria and hepatitis. These projects call on skills in biology, epidemiology, biomathematics and entomology and the projects are part of an international collaborative context.

The Institut Pasteur de Bangui can rely on a high-quality technical platform and trained and competent staff: 166 staff and service providers: biologists, researchers, senior laboratory technicians, logisticians, administrative staff and students.

For more information, visit the IP de Bangui official website.