Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (FIOCRUZ)

The Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) is a prominent institution of science and technology in health in Latin America. Bound to the Ministry of Health, its mission is to produce, disseminate and share knowledge and technologies, aiming at strengthening and consolidating the Brazilian Public Health System and the promotion of health and quality of life for the population. The Foundation works in all stages of public health, from basic research and health care to innovation and production of supplies, such as vaccines, diagnosis kits and drugs. 

Since its foundation in 1900, Fiocruz has dedicated itself to coping diseases that most affect Brazilian population. For its scientific contribution, the institution has become a reference in the understanding and treatment of Chagas disease, yellow fever, dengue, Zika, malaria, Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and others. 

Besides its presence in all regions of Brazil, Fiocruz has historically maintained a strong international presence through cooperation and exchange with health, science and technology institutions and international agencies in more than 50 countries in all continents. 

Education is another strength of the institution. With more than 7000 students per year, Fiocruz is the main non-university institution for training and qualification of human resources for the Brazilian Health System.

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