Institut Pasteur in Iran

The Institut Pasteur in Iran was founded in the heart of the Iran’s capital, Tehran in the 1920’s to pave the way for advanced research providing innovative programs in basic and applied medical sciences, production of biopharmaceuticals and diagnostic kit with special emphasis on infectious diseases.

This institute had a great role in the prevention and control of infectious diseases in Iran and in the world during it’s one hundred years by running researches, producing vaccines and biological products. It has had a great role in control of diseases such as rabies, plague, smallpox, cholera, leishmaniasis, tuberculosis and viral haemorrhagic fevers in Iran.

In addition, the Institut Pasteur Iran offers a broad range of educational programs and teaching activities in the area of medical and pharmaceutical biotechnology, microbiology and epidemiology. Given its philosophy, the IP Iran is conducting different researches to meet the country’s health sector requirements and it is taking effective steps to extend the frontiers of science and technology.

Enjoying appropriate facilities, professional and capable specialists in the field of infectious and incurable diseases have enabled this institute’s involvement in extensive activities to prevent and treat such diseases.

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