Institut Pasteur du Cambodge

The Institut Pasteur du Cambodge is a Cambodian non-for-profit research institution established in 1953, operating under the auspice of the Cambodian Ministry of Health and the Institut Pasteur in Paris (France).

The Institut Pasteur du Cambodge carries out life science and health research on emerging infectious diseases, and support public health surveillance through high-quality laboratories and epidemiology / clinical research capacities. The institute also provides services through a vaccine center, a medical biology laboratory (accredited with the ISO 15189 norm), an HIV screening free clinic and a Laboratory of Environment and Food-Water safety. The Institute also contributes to the training of medical doctors, pharmacists, veterinarians, masters and PhD students in biological sciences and counts around 250 people, working or learning including local and international researchers. 

As a member of the Institut Pasteur International Network, the IPC collaborates closely with several international partners to further increase capacity and capability in Cambodia and beyond. Therefore, the IPC focuses its research and public health activities to control communicable diseases in partnership with hospitals, specialized Cambodian centers from the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery, the Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth, and the main universities in Cambodia. The IPC is an active partner to the new International Master of Infectiology coordinated by the University of Health Sciences (Cambodia) and Paris-Saclay University (France) started in 2019.  

Several research entities (virology, epidemiology/clinical research, malaria, AMR and tuberculosis, immunology, entomology and geohealth) conduct multidisciplinary research programs to identify, diagnose, and sequence numerous other emerging pathogens including zoonotic diseases.

Since 2008, IPC hosts a high-level (BLS-3) biosecurity and biosafety laboratory with multiple diagnostic test capacities and a secured biobank. The IPC also hosts several referral laboratories for a number of pathogens (seasonal and avian flu, COVID-19, rabies, dengue/other arboviruses, tuberculosis, malaria, etc.) to support the public health response.  

For more information, visit the Institut Pasteur du Cambodge official website .