Institut Pasteur de Nouvelle-Calédonie

The Institut Pasteur de Nouvelle-Calédonie is a leading partner of the Government of New Caledonia, to develop research linked to public health priorities and health issues.

The close partnerships with the local health authorities and Hospital Centers allow the development of translational research programs. They are centred on the major infectious challenges encountered in the country and in the Pacific area, for example arboviruses, leptospirosis and antimicrobial resistance in a “One Health” approach. As a concrete example, the institute contributes to the implementation of the World Mosquito Program (WMP), an international field program based on the dispersion of Wolbacchia infected mosquitos aiming at protecting local communities from dengue.

Furthermore, with the support of the National Research Agency, the institute is now involved in regional and international research programs to explore the role of environmental factors in the fight against leptospirosis in the most vulnerable population.

As a cornerstone of these activities, the Institut Pasteur de Nouvelle-Calédonie is reinforcing its commitment to the education and training of local and regional scientists in partnership with the University of New Caledonia.

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