Institut Pasteur in Nha Trang

The Institut Pasteur in Nha Trang was founded in 1895 by Dr Alexandre Yersin, remembered as the first scientist that discovered the bacillus bubonic plague Yersina pestis. In 1975, the institute was merged with the system of preventive medicine under Vietnam’s Ministry of Health to manage the task of preventive medicine in central provinces of Vietnam.

October 1997 marks the establishment of the clinical biological laboratory of the Institut Pasteur de Nha Trang, under the BIO-95 Project sponsored by the Institut Pasteur International Network. The Laboratory was then renamed as the Center for Medical Biology in July 2005 and recently as Medical Services Center (2020). In addition, the institute established the Center for Food Safety Analysis in Central Provinces in 2009.

Amongst the institute principal missions are:

  • Studying scientific research in medical microbiology, epidemiology, medical entomology, molecular biology, biosafety, food safety and nutrition.
  • Conducting national health programs such as HIV/AIDS, EPI, national influenza surveillance and food safety.
  • Prevention and control of infectious epidemics in central provinces of Vietnam; from Quang Binh to Binh Thuan.
  • Providing guidelines, training and retraining on preventive medicine for health staffs in central provinces of Vietnam.
  • Proposing the Ministry of Health on technical advice, strategies, plans for prevention and control of infectious epidemics in central Vietnam.
  • Training technicians in medical biology.
  • Providing services of public health: biomedical diagnostics, vaccinations, food and water analysis of microbiology and chemistry.

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