Institut Pasteur de Lille

Created in 1894, the Institut Pasteur de Lille is a private non-profit organisation since 1898. With its 800 employees, the Institut Pasteur de Lille is engaged in research to enable everyone to live better for longer. Within the Interdisciplinary Research Centre for Longevity, 34 research teams – divided into 8 units – focuse on understanding the primary physiopathological mechanisms of the most impactful diseases.

This research programme aims to identify and characterise the genetic, environmental, metabolic, and infectious factors which contribute to lowering the functional performance of cells and the organism, which is what we call ageing.

What’s more, the Institut Pasteur de Lille has set itself 2 priorities :

1. Degenerative diseases associated with life styles, the extension of life time, and changes in the environment:

  • Diabetes and its complications.
  • Cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.
  • Neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Senescence, fibrosis and cancer.

2. Infectious diseases and antibiotic resistance

Institut Pasteur de Lille’s campus boasts an exceptional concentration of high level facilities and technology platforms. It also has the largest molecule library in Europe – the chemical library – where thousands of tests are conducted every year, helping in the discovery of new prescription drugs.

  • 615 researchers and technicians.
  • 355 scientific papers.
  • 10 technological platforms.

For more information, visit the Institut Pasteur de Lille official website.