Sciensano is the Belgian institute for health. We focus on the close and indissoluble interconnection between human and animal health and the environment, aka the “One health” concept. Therefore we adopt a holistic and multidisciplinary approach to health in our work. By combining different research perspectives within this framework, Sciensano contributes in a unique way to people’s health. For that, Sciensano builds on more than 100 years of scientific expertise.

The Institute mission is to further insight into human and animal health through scientific research in order to improve the well-being of all. To do so, 6 fields of action have been established:

  • Animal health.
  • Effectiveness and safety of vaccines, medicines and health products – quality of medical laboratories.
  • Food consumption and food safety.
  • Health and disease monitoring.
  • Health and environment.
  • Quality of healthcare.

For more information, visit the Sciensano official website.