A new leadership for the Pasteur Network

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In June 2021, the Pasteur Network changed its governance to be more participatory and egalitarian. Upon agreement of all its members, a dedicated executive board was created to translate this evolution into concrete actions.

At the end of June 2022, the restructuring of the Pasteur Network begins with the arrival of Rebecca F. Grais, its new Executive Director, whose vision integrates a strong human dimension that is essential to the functioning of a network.

Rebecca Grais’ appointment comes one year after the network’s collective reorganization. The expertise she brings to the table will help make a more synergistic approach among its members a reality. As Executive Director of the association and the foundation, her arrival marks Pasteur Network’s commitment to work for the improvement of global health by adopting, more than ever, a logic of solidarity.” Amadou Alpha Sall, President of Pasteur Network and Stewart Cole, President of the Pasteur Network Foundation.

Rebecca F. Grais was the Director of Research at Epicentre. She has extensive experience in epidemiological research focused on populations with little or no access to care. She was a former co-opted member of the Board of Directors and a member of scientific committees in the network and thus has a good knowledge of the Pasteur Network, its strengths, weaknesses and potential. She will lead its development with a collaborative ethos to address public health issues and improve health equity throughout the world.

Under her leadership, Pasteur Network will unite around a common culture built on the fundamental right of every human being to be in good health [1]. Rebecca F. Grais’ vision of the network includes a multi-scale approach: that of the individuals, that of the members and that of the Pasteur Network as a whole. With her, the network will learn to develop and add the strengths of each to improve public health in all its aspects: research, prevention, communication, and training among others.

Rebecca F. Grais will ensure that an environment conducive to the acquisition of knowledge and skills is maintained for both the Pasteurian community and the local populations. The results will be translated and transmitted beyond the scientific and academic literature. This open approach will participate in ensuring community participation and  will contribute to the development of health policies.

The executive management of Pasteur Network will leverage the network’s international presence, collaborative ethos, and diverse expertise to establish its global leadership.

It’s an exciting opportunity and honor to be a part of the Pasteur Network. One of my goals will be to strengthen an enabling environment for the network to ensure that individuals, members and the network as a whole are able to achieve their goals.” Rebecca F. Grais Executive Director of the Pasteur Network.


Rebecca F. Grais’ work focuses on prevention of infectious diseases, tropical diseases and emerging infections in low resource settings, particularly low and middle income countries among populations with little to no access to care. She has also focused on population-based studies of the effectiveness of public health interventions and efficacy trials of novel vaccines and therapeutic agents.

An additional aspect of her work concerns professional development, mentoring, and management training for populations underrepresented in research. The goal is to advance their individual careers while contributing to responsive innovations in health care. Rebecca F. Grais completed the majority of her training at John Hopkins University (USA) before obtaining her accreditation to supervise research from the Faculty of Medicine at the Université Paris-Saclay (formerly Paris-Sud) in 2013. At Epicentre, she was the head of the Epidemiology unit before becoming the Director of Research from 2015 to 2022.

[1]  According to the WHO Constitution “the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being.”

Original publication on June 23rd 2022, updated September 27th 2022.


A new leadership for the Pasteur Network

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