Pasteur Network Annual Meeting 2023 will take place in Tunis

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The Pasteur Network Annual Meeting 2023 (PNAM), co-organized with the Institut Pasteur de Tunis (IPT) will take place from 19 to 21 November 2023 at the Laico Hotel and Conference Center in Tunis, Tunisia. The PNAM gathers professionals from all Pasteur Network members, scientific institutions, public health institutions, multilateral organizations, civil society organizations and charitable foundations focusing on science and public health.

The meeting will focus on global thematic priorities including climate sensitive emerging infectious diseases, the R&D and innovation ecosystem, epidemic intelligence, AMR, and mother and child health.

The opening ceremony will take place on Sunday 19 November starting at 6 pm (UTC+1) chaired by Hechmi Louzir, former Director General of IPT, and will include opening remarks by the recently appointed Director General of IPT, Samia Menif. Amadou Sall, President of the Pasteur Network & CEO of the Institut Pasteur de Dakar, Stewart Cole, President of the Pasteur Network Foundation & President of the Institut Pasteur, Rebecca Grais, Executive Director of the Pasteur Network, Ali M’rabet, Minister of Health of Tunisia will also provide remarks. Furthermore, presentations will be delivered on “Tuberculosis – the forgotten pandemic” by Stewart Cole and “Arabic medicine & Arabic civilization” by Dr. Rafik Boukhris.

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After a series of roundtables and presentations, participants will be able to engage in solution sessions on Pasteur Network strategic axes: (1) reinforcing epidemic intelligence and preparedness with a specific focus on climate sensitivity; (2) supporting the research, development, and innovation ecosystem in critical diagnostics, vaccines, and therapeutics; (3) creating multi-disciplinary knowledge communities; and (4) equitable collaboration, and sustainability.

This year, the meeting will also provide a platform for young scientists from all the regions of the Pasteur Network to present their research focused on the key thematic areas.

A visit to the Institut Pasteur de Tunis and a cultural tour are also included in the programme.

The PNAM 2023 is funded by the Pasteur Network, the Institut Pasteur de Tunis, and Wellcome.

About the Institut Pasteur de Tunis

The Institut Pasteur de Tunis (IPT) is a public health institution under the authority of the Ministry of Health of Tunisia. Its mission is to carry out epidemiological and clinical studies, biomedical investigations, as well as research activities pertaining to human and animal health. IPT also manufactures vaccines and sera for the needs of the country. Affiliated to the Université de Tunis El Manar, the institute contributes to higher education at both the national and regional levels.

The Institut Pasteur de Tunis is internationally recognized and collaborates with foreign scientific institutions.

Since its creation, in 1893 (the third Institut Pasteur after Paris and Hô-Chi-Minh-Ville), the institute has focused its research activities on infectious diseases of viral, bacterial and parasitological origin, including zoonotic and vector-borne diseases. It is also conducting research on snake envenoming, immune deficiencies, hemoglobinopathies and genetic diseases

Finally, IPT is also active in research projects involving several members of the Pasteur Network in Africa and Europe like REPAIR, PerMediNA, Atun-Dips, and Alliance SHS Afrique. For more information, visit the Institut Pasteur de Tunis’s official website.

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About the Pasteur Network

The Pasteur Network is a vast human and scientific community with more than 30 members in over 20 countries contributing together to global health. Located in the heart of endemic areas, the Network has privileged access to a large number of pathogens that it monitors and studies on all five continents. This exceptional diversity makes the Pasteur Network a unique global actor in public health, science, innovation, and education, especially in the fight against infectious diseases.

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Pasteur Network Annual Meeting 2023 will take place in Tunis

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