Flow Cytometry Platform (Bahia)

Fiocruz’s Network Technological Platforms.
The Flow Cytometry Platform offers immunophenotyping data reading and analysis services; quantification of intracellular cytokines and culture supernatants, plasma and serum; cell proliferation and cell separation assays or “cell sorting”. The Platform currently has two cytometers, the FACSymphony S6 (19 colors/21 parameters) and the LSRFortessa (11 colors/13 parameters).

The Platform also has a FACSymphony S6 accessory compatible with sorting into plates, slides and tubes, thus offering the isolation/cloning service of populations of eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells, from suspensions obtained from biological fluids, cell line cultures, dissociated bodies and others. It also provides DIVA and Flow Jo software for analyzing results.
This platform is located in FIOCRUZ – Bahia.