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Due to the SARS-Covid19 global pandemic, only a few of the accepted courses took place in 2020. All additional courses were postponed and will take place on 2021-22.

TitleOrganiserNetwork InstitutionLocation
International Ethical standards applied to biomedical researchVirginie PirardIP ParisParis
Metagenomics and  HealthSalsabil HamdiIP MarocCasablanca


TitleOrganiserNetwork InstitutionLocation
Atelier NGS : Epidémiologie génomique, Microbiome et Métagénomique pour l’Afrique et l’Océan IndienJean-Marc CollardIP Madagascar
Systèmes d’information géographique appliquées à l’épidémiologie : Introduction au QGIS. Analyses multicritères spécialisées : Application en santé.Fanjasoa RakotomananaIP Madagascar
Vector Insects and Transmission of Pathogen AgentsAnna-Bella FaillouxIP ParisParis
Third International Course on Viruses and Human CancerJean-Pierre VartanianIP ParisParis
Workshop on Surveillance and Control of RabiesHervé Bourhy
Perrine Parize
IP Morocco
IP Paris
Hands-on: IP Morocco
International Ethical standards applied to biomedical researchVirginie PirardIP ParisParis
Workshop: Genome editing in mammals using crispr toolsM. Crispo
A. P. Mulet
A. Menchaca
G. Schlapp
M. N. Meikle
IP Montevideo
Course: Redox Chemistry and Biology of Thiols
Symosium: Thiols Key players in the Redox regulation of Cellular Functions.
M. Comini
G. Salinas
B. Alvarez
M. Trujillo
IP Montevideo


TitleOrganiserNetwork InstitutionLocation
Techniques of Immunology, second edition.François HuetzIP Madagascar
Methodology of Clinical Trials and practical implementationGwenaelle CarnIP Madagascar
Epidemiology of infections, functional genetics, novel technologies of pathogen diagnostic/discovery, and systems biology of pathogen infectionsFernando ArenzanaIP Shanghai – CAS
10th HKU – Pasteur Immunology Course: Quantitative ImmunologyS.Valkenburg
R. Bruzzone
J. Di Santo 
HKU – PRPHong Kong
Innate immunity and infectious diseasesDaniel ScottIP Paris /
Paris, Phnom Penh 
First International Course on Innate immune response to viral infectionJean-Pierre VartanianIP Paris / Cenci BolognettiParis
 Infectious agents and cancer: from clinic to new biomarkersE. Touati
P. Pineau  
IP Paris /
IP Morocco

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International Courses